Thursday, May 08, 2008

Air, phone and mango.

1. When I get home from work I throw open all the windows to get some air going around the flat. Then I change my dress. This, it seems to me, is what summer is all about.

2. Lying on the sofa having a long chat on the phone with my mother.

3. I think it was Douglas Adams who said that the only dignified way to eat a mango was to take off all your clothes and stand in a washing-up bowl. He was right. The inedible skin that doesn't peel off. The sticky juice that splashes on to my knees and gets in my hair. The tempting, tempting fragrance. That strange shaped stone that seems to be everywhere at once. The slipperyness. The need for a sharp knife. Fruit contributes to 6,000 accidents every year in the UK (see note 1) -- how many involved mangos? Despite this, it's worth it to serve up a dish of creamy Greek yoghurt and mango.

Note 1: Source: Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents


  1. Oh I love Florida mangos! Since we are so close to Florida, we can get them fairly fresh. Do they grow there in any part of the UK?


  2. Mangoes are everywhere in Malaysia. There's an easy way to eat it.

    1. With the skin still on, find the seed that separates the mango into two parts.

    2. Run a knife through the mango above and below the seed (cut it so the flat part of the knife runs parallel to the seed). You end up with 3 parts, 2 "halves" and the seed.

    3. With each "half" make cuts lengthwise and horizontally (but don't cut through the skin) so you end up with cubes that are still attached to the skin.

    4. Invert the skin so the cubes "pop out". Bite the cubes off.

    I hope that makes sense. =)

  3. I would add this to shazeea's method. Having cut off and removed the two portions from either side of the stone or seed, remove by a tidy, pealing process the skin round the stone section. You can then neatly remove with a knife several slices from this before discarding the stone. While many people recommend cutting the remaining sections into cubes and then inverting the skin, so that the cubes stand out and are easy to remove cleanly or simply bite away, I find that if you cut each remaining section in half and run a knife between the fruit and the skin, it is easy to produce without any mess, a segment of fruit ready to eat or serve.

  4. Elegantly clear descriptions -- and you've made me hungry from mango!

  5. mmm. mangoes. that's how i eat mangoes. in fact, that's how i eat most of my food. i can't be taken to restaurants anymore.

  6. Though once you've done all that with the squares you can have a messy suck and chew on the stone ... because it is nice to get messy.


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