Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Restraint, plans and gathering.

There is now a Facebook group for 3BT for those interested in that sort of thing. I know some people use FB every day, and it seems a good way to keep them up-to-date with changes and excitements. Also, I'm hoping it will encourage people to chat about the 3BT way.

I have also added buttons allowing you to share favourite posts.

Also, I've finally updated my holiday posts -- scroll down to see them, starting here:
Collector, small comforts and night journey.

1. I am tapping away at a script outline. I can hear Nick not swearing to himself as he measures up the bathroom.

2. Planning a new bathroom, and choosing the fittings. Now that we've picked out the bath and the taps, it seems possible to imagine paint and curtains.

3. In the afternoon, I get a call from long-lost Louise, who happens to be in town. So we meet up for a cup of tea.