Friday, May 30, 2008

Purple piles, gastropods and queen of the river.

Got a small spam problem, so I'm going to moderate comments for a while.

1. The rain has beaten rhododendron flowers to the ground. They lie everywhere in white and pink and purple piles.

2. Halfway up a cupressus hedge, for reasons of their own, are a dozen snails. While Nick waits in the rain I look closely at their deep-wrinkled flanks and their questing eye stalks.

3. Nick shows me his favourite film ever -- The African Queen. I like it, too, despite the rafting flashbacks
and the leeches. I like the story of two people transcending their natures to become something better than the sum of their parts; and I have more affection than I care to admit for rough diamonds.


  1. Questing eye stalks is good. So is African Queen. I wonder if leeches can see.

  2. Just back from Portland, where the streets are filled with rhodys, which unfortunately do not grow at all in Vegas. Very pretty (and wet) there though.

  3. African Queen is MY favourite film as well....and has been for a very long time. Good taste your man has!

  4. ooooh i like the idea of questing eye stalks!! wish i had them!!


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