Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mark-up, literature bugs and a game.

1. Marking a piece of black cloth with tailor's chalk.

2. Sarah Salway messages me to ask if I want to be a book fairy -- if so, come to the park now, with five books. Well, of course I do, so we spend twenty minutes dropping literature in the park.

3. A friend holds her daughter while we chat in the park. First one blue wellie falls to the ground. I pick it up. Then another blue wellie falls. I pick it up. Then the first blue wellie falls again, this time accompanied by a cheeky giggle.


  1. Being away for a week is the fourth beautiful thing for,...the week! Leaving auto posts is the fifth. Knowing you will fill us in when you return, the sixth.


  2. I love the inherent naughtiness in marking black cloth with tailor's chalk - like bursting into song in a library!

    Have you come across Book Crossing (like your wonderful book fairy day). The first time I left a book on the train somebody came running up to me and tried to give it back. It was quite hard to explain that I was setting it free!

    Have a lovely break

  3. A book fairy - with stars in her hair and a silver wand . . .

  4. " Then another blue wellie falls. I pick it up. "
    My great-nieces and nephews loved playing this game with their baby siblings, naming it "Nikki's gravity game."


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