Thursday, May 01, 2008

Smooth operator, play on words and

This morning, I got a message from a lady saying that 3BT had helped her when she was feeling down. To anyone else who feels overwhelmed: whenever I think I can't be bothered to write, I remember that you might be out there wanting to read.

1. Sometimes when I make white sauce, it comes out lumpy. This time, I remembered once being told to make sure the roux was one big lump before adding the milk. And I was patient enough to add the milk in drips and drops. It still seemed like a miracle, though, to see a smooth and glossy sauce at the end.

2. Going off to the theatre excited because I'm about to see a play that was workshopped in my scripts class.

3. Late at night, I get a text message from my brother saying that he's had some positive noises from a newspaper about a piece of his writing.


  1. Good morning! Mine is up here:! Thanks!

  2. recently someone I loved just disappeared from the blogging trail making her blog closed to us former readers. I was so hurt because some bloggers do uplift me to special places I need to be that day

  3. What a fun blog! It's so nice seeing nice things everyday and it's inspiring, too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sandy -- I can understand why you would feel hurt. But perhaps the blogger didn't know how many readers she had.

    I don't know how I would approach closing 3BT down -- I imagine I would want everyone to know I was all right, at least.

  5. I also really like your posts. I always enjoy reading them.

  6. yes, you make me happy!
    i like it here very much.

  7. Unrelated - do you know that Gusarsayu of somethingsmustend is blogging again?

  8. Thanks everyone! I really like writing the posts, too -- and I like knowing people are out there enjoying them.

    Sistermu -- thanks for letting me know.

  9. Hi there, I am that lady (I think) Your reply was lovely! Thanks so much. The funny thing is that my hubby never told me he had interviewed you! I just thank God he found me (my hubby) as he has been my strength, my poet and my love.


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