Saturday, May 10, 2008

Checking, baby's view and a good deed.

1. The pile of pages still to be read gets smaller, and the pile of proofed pages gets bigger.

2. Watching Dee Dee appreciate bubbles and cats. Spending time with babies makes me look at the world quite differently.

3. Fenella and I go up to the park to enjoy warm evening. She says: 'Andy will come up later, and he's going to go to the fish and chip shop to get your supper.' What a wonderful husband.


  1. Hello there. I can't remember whether I have left a message before, but I do love your Blog, and have mentioned it in a book I am writing about things to do that do not cost money and are not bad for the planet... hope this is all right with you.
    I'm a journalist, writing mainly about gardening for The Sunday Telegraph, and am relatively new to Blogging. But someone who leaves messages on my Blog has recently "tagged" me and asked me to take part in a game thing where one tags five other Blogs and passes on an excerpt from a book of one's choice. It seemed to me a good way of publicizing a book and spreading the word about other interesting Blogs. If you have time to do it, I'd be so grateful - the details are on my Blog "Off the Rails" (about our efforts to turn a couple of Victorian railway carriages on the coast into an eco house) which can be reached via my website
    Thanks and all good wishes - and thanks for the inspiration from Three Beautiful Things.
    x Elspeth

  2. Hi Elspeth

    I don't put memes on 3BT -- simply because I know people come here for the beautiful things and nothing else!

    I've done it over at my more general blog, which is my stash of odd things -- here.

    And I've tagged Ellouisestory

    Your site is fascinating -- I've been having a dig around your webpage, and I'd love the chance to have a chat by email sometime (my address is on the sidebar of 3BT) -- I'm trying to make writing my trade this year, and I'm always interested in advice.

    Do keep me posted about your book -- I'd be very interested to see what you have to say.

    Have you seen Enough by John Naish yet? He mentions 3BT, too.



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