Friday, May 16, 2008

Genuine fake, Turkish children and waves.

1. The stallholders all have patter: 'Buy now, pay next year.' 'How much?' 'Cheap as chips.' 'Free bag.' 'Genuine fake'. My favourite, though, is the lad who wafts us with a crate lid, claiming his stall has free air conditioning.

2. Children in school uniform. The basic outfits are the same -- a blue dress, or a blue sailor suit with a white collar. But every single one is different. Some collars are lacy; others are embroidered with toy trains or alphabets. The children come down from the green school at the top of the hill and buy their lunch from the kebab van. Then, carrying their cup of ayran (a yoghurt drink, similar to lassi), they wander through the market inspecting the goods and commenting on the toys.

3. Bunches of mint seem to fill the whole vegetable market.

4. Last thing at night, hearing the waves washing the beach far below.

Picture by Katie Skinner

In my absence: Entertain yourselves by going Out with Mol on a walk into the French countryside.