Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nick, change and handiwork.

1. Sleepy Nick with his hair sticking up in all directions.

2. I never have enough 5ps for the coffee machine. I usually end up paying 20p instead of the advertised 15p because I have to use a 20p, or two 10ps. Getting change made my tea taste very good.

3. My pin cushion. I embroidered it from a Vari-Galore kit, and I feel very proud to have made something I like so much.


  1. And an embroidery expert! very nice

  2. #3 oh how truly lovely like an heirloom sandy

  3. You should be proud of it. It looks like something your granny would have treasured as a treasured posession of her granny's

  4. That is really really lovely.

  5. Oh the little things in life! The pin cushion exudes the love your hands used for each stitch!


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