Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lolly, got it and balance.

1. In the paper, a picture of a porcupine eating an ice lolly.

2. Seen from the street a small hand pressed against the window to help a child balance as he walks along the sofa.

3. A feeling of triumphant satisfaction at catching my train because I finished on time and walked very quickly.


  1. Three floors up on the building opposite, dangling five feet below an open window, hangs a set of venetian blinds connected by a solitary cord to two projecting arms, body unseen. Pedestrians pass by, oblivious to the danger above them, as the two arms struggle to pull the venetian blinds back inside. Gusts whip the blinds to and fro, but, using a hand-over-hand method, the arms effect a rescue. At which point I imagine there was some cheers in the office opposite, possibly ironic.


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