Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From the past, the game begins and duck egg blue.

1. Tim agrees that it was a good surprise. Katie, his former colleague at the paper has given me a lift over to games night and she comes in for a quick visit.

2. As an after thought, my character in the game purchased a donkey to carry his stuff. Sturdy Faith proved invaluable, and if there was any justice in the world, would have gained more experience points than any of us for kicking a skeleton to dust. The next episode will see my character intimidating Pete's half-orc druid into using his one healing spell to cure the wounds Faith sustained while fighting giant rats.

3. Coming home to find that Nick has painted the entire bathroom while I wasn't looking.


  1. Not wishing to be too geeky, but I believe Pete's druid has already used his first aid spell on Nick (who took a beating from the animated skeletons).

    But yes, Faith was certainly MVP for last night's game :-)

  2. Thank you so much for bringing Katie round last night. She hasn't changed a bit and it was lovely to catch up, even if briefly, on events in the seven or eight years since I've last spoken to her!

  3. Turning All Geek for a moment, I don't believe Pete has yet used his Goodberry spell (which can be used on donkey, under my interpretation of the rules) yet. Plus, should faithful Faith be eligible for House Rule 6, Second Wind? I'll let Flea decide that.

  4. That would only work if she is travelling via Tooting Bec and Parsons Green outside peak hours.

  5. While running the risk of turning 3BT as 'geeky' as HeroPress, I have to say I had forgotten about the Goodberry spell and, in fact, I would rule that Pete's druid would probably heal the donkey (as creature of nature) ahead of other injured party members.

    'Second wind' rule only applies to heroic player-characters who gained the 'hit point' bonus at first level. This is to reinforce the idea that hit points don't just represent cuts and bruises, but fatigue as well.

    Boy, I never thought I'd be having a Dungeons & Dragons debate on 3BT!


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