Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breakfast, no busy work and relief.

Business first -- this will be of interest mainly to the Tunbridge Wells crew. I'm moving in with Nick at the end of the month, and I need to pass on some of my things. I've made a list on Getting Rid of My Stuff.

1. 'Two teas, and two toast and marmalades'.

2. I am finding it hard to get my head round the idea, but there is no need to appear busy when there is no work to do.

3. Katie comes home just before midnight, rushes upstairs and begs me to unlace her corset so she can have a pee for the first time all evening. I feel just like a heroine from a historical novel.


  1. Congratulations on your move! Looking forward to seeing the two of you in "domestic bliss".

  2. I am sure that all members of the Tunbridge Wells crew will join me in wishing you and Nick happiness and domestic bliss.

  3. Just to say that I keep up with you through your blog .. and am delighted (and have been waiting for impatiently!) that you and Nick are moving in together .. about time!

    Best wishes. Chrissy

    P.S. If you can't remember who I am, think of the radioactive badger!


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