Saturday, August 09, 2008

Straw, pages and payment.

1. Sucking on a box drink.

2. Going through the paper and talking about the layout with Veronica. She retires today, and she trained me during my original stint at the paper. The weekly critique is comforting, like reading a children's book, or drinking warm milk. But it's a challenge, too, because you know that your work will be held up to the light. It's also enlightening, because page layout is a series of puzzles, and hearing someone else's thoughts will help me solve similar puzzles next week.

3. This week I have been paid for two bits of work I did some months ago.


  1. When I left the Kent & Sussex Courier, Veronica gave me a pair of comedy boxer shorts with plastic lips on that squeaked when squeezed.

    I hope you all gave her something equally as high-brow to remind her of her years on the paper :-)

  2. # 3 always a good surprise..sandy


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