Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chocolate, zoo and thunder.

1. It's a long work day, and so at tea time I buy a Double Decker from the snack machine. I look at it for a while, and then devour it, enjoying every crumb.

2. BBC 7 is playing The Boosh -- the radio version of the The Mighty Boosh. I play the first episode right before bed time.

3. Sitting up at my desk, long after I should have gone to bed, watching a thunder storm rolling around the sky.


  1. OH, thunderstorms, with lots of wind and lightning - delicious when it's warm.

  2. I was a bit scared because our house is covered in scaffolding at the moment -- I had visions of it being struck and crashing down around us.

  3. I work with your Dad at the FT and he told me about your blog; My wife and I both think it's great!

    FYI three things for me today:

    1) seeing Nauru step out as a proud nation at the Olympics

    2) a pint with your dad and Tom our South African intern at the Market Porter

    3) running home from the station after feeling guilty about the pint and crisps

    ...and 4) seeing my 6 week old daughter when I got home still awake :)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Steve

    Thanks for dropping by -- but are you sure it was MY father you were with? He never ever goes to the pub as he's far too busy working late :-)

    I like the Olympics because I always discover odd little countries and strange sports.

    Glad you like 3BT -- it keeps me cheerful and busy, anyway!



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