Friday, August 15, 2008

Heads up, shortbread and rain is marvellous.

1. The road to work runs through an unlovely industrial estate -- plains of concrete and rows of units selling tiles and carpets and plumbing supplies. However, if I keep my chin up, I can see the hills and woods beyond.

2. The sandwich lady has a cherry shortbread, which is light, crumbly and full of tiny pieces of cherry. The top is sprinkled with caster sugar.

3. After a bright morning, the rain comes roaring down into the valley. Work slows for a while so we can marvel.


  1. You bring an interesting new slant to the expression "keeping you chin up". I remember people saying "keep your chin up during World war 2" when they meant keep cheerful.

  2. Shortbread with cherry. That sounds absolutely beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. Petra


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