Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bun, a compliment and beyond the call of duty.

1. I buy a jam donut from the bakers. It is perfect, being soft and fresh and warm. The sugar is crisp. There is no taste of oil on it; and the jam has a faint flavour of plums.

2. She hands me the tin of paint and says: 'You've got a lovely voice.' I thank her, feeling suddenly shy. She continues: 'I was hoping you'd talk again, just so I could hear it. You sound like someone off the TV...'

3. Paramedics -- who I actually believe are angels in green uniforms anyway -- but particularly ones who are about to go off shift but are STILL calm and compassionate; and the ones who almost didn't come into work this evening because they've got a new baby; and ones who flex the rules a little; the ones who support the relatives as much as the patient.