Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flat day, going nowhere to do nothing and a treat at the end of the day.

1. It's a flat sort of day, and all I can find to amuse myself is a cluster of scarlet berries in a hedge and an old bird's nest on the end of a bare branch. I've passed it every day this winter, but not noticed it before.

2. Cheeky little boys out and about with their bikes because it's half term.

3. Lying in a silky Lush You've been Mangoed bath with a Neil Gaiman book and a glass of wine.


  1. Thank you, Clare for introducing me to all these lovely blogs that are drawn to your site. Jaky Astik's blog is fantastic - inspirational!

    Alison Wormald

  2. I loved Fragile Things. Which is your favorite story?

  3. Christine -- Some of them were very challenging ('The Problem of Susan' -- which I loved, because for me, Susan has always been a problem) and some I wished I'd never read ('Feeders and Eaters' and 'Keepsakes and Treasures').

    I liked 'Harlequin Valentine' and 'Closing Time' and 'October in the Chair' and I've just been out and bought the book with 'Disease-Maker's Croup' in it.

  4. Stardust. Wonderful. Fragile Things, irritated by the commentary.

  5. I'm a sucker for commentaries -- but I don't like it if they put it at the front, and then give the plot away.

    My copy has the commentaries stacked up at the front. I found myself flicking back and forth to check what had been said.


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