Friday, February 27, 2009

Petits soldats, posh nosh and candles on the cake.

1. Nick has been wondering about the large parcel with his name on it. It's a box of soldiers -- little ones, from France. He says 'Tim'll be so jealous.'

2. We go out for lunch and eat from glass plates decorated with dabs and dots of sauce and tiny pieces of vegetable.

3. I hadn't realised how late it had got until I carried the candlelit cake through the dark hall.


  1. I love going our for lunch. I love dinner as well. Though, I am still not set with your site,love to get around. Once I am set, u will see beautiful fun comments coming. :)

  2. Hey! You have given out a link to my blog! Thank you so much! Umwah! Never expected this good! Gratitude.


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