Friday, February 13, 2009

Got you, work done and snowfall.

1. We came across this story and picture of a rescued dormouse dozing on a rose. Katie-at-work said she thought it was awful that they took advantage of a wild animal like that. I said: 'Well you're going to hate the pictures of it dressed in a tiny clown suit, then.' And then she didn't believe anything I told her for the rest of the day -- including that a pack of wild dogs was loose in Canterbury.

2. Going through my art portfolio and seeing that some of the drawings I did in the early days are not that bad -- almost likeable, even. Our teacher explains that because of the time gap, I'm able to step away from them and judge them dispassionately without ideas about what I think I can and can't do getting in the way.

3. Snow flakes kiss down on to my umbrella.