Monday, February 09, 2009

Can't put my finger on it, peeled and all done.

1. There is something of spring in the air -- but I can't decide if it's a warmth, or a smell or a sort of light.

2. Peeling the white threads off a tangerine.

3. There is washing up, but the next time I come into the kitchen, it has vanished.


  1. Oh - a visit by the magical washing-up faeries!! Congratulations! They don't come by very often.

  2. 31 and #3 that special Valentine guy huh ??

    loved your ring by the way - heart day special extra special this year??

  3. It certainly was -- we spent the day doing lovely things and enjoying each other's company.

    I love my ring, too -- I still can't stop looking at it. Every time I do, I remember what it means.


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