Monday, May 11, 2009

Desolation, aeronauts and home tasks.

1. We are shocked that the desolate, delapidated, tumble weed and dog shit Marine Parade of Folkestone was recommended in a tourist leaflet. We try to find decayed grandeur, but see only neglect and sadness. Then a path under a bridge tempts us into a garden of wandering paths, pine tree shade and sculptures.

2. "Scree-sree scree-sree," insist the swifts who are throwing themselves around the blue space above us.

3. To come home, add a few treasures to the window ledge and inspect the health and happiness of my plants.


  1. How neatly you turn what could ahve been a rant into a beautiful thing!

  2. You go to so many interesting places.

  3. Plutarch -- thank you!

    Joe -- we didn't even leave the county... I think that everywhere has it's own interest, though.


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