Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Red and white, the morning after and an alternative.

Vote for this blog over at Dorset Cereals. Who will be the first?

1. Stacking slices of cheese and tomato (pips scraped out) in a sandwich.

2. I am glad I walked to work on a sunny morning after a night of rain.

3. The BBC i-player is runs on my work computer once again, so I can spend my lunch break listening to a play instead of mooching round DIY shops.


  1. Pips scraped out! Haha! I always do the same :)

  2. Life is good when those who make it bad leave...bye bye now!

    I'm waiting for the same thing though I don't think she'll ever leave and I'm staying put so I've learned to deal with it....but, oh how beautiful it would be.

  3. gone huh?wow breathing easier are we?/

  4. Vote cast - good luck, those cereals always look delicious, I must try them.


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