Friday, May 01, 2009

Don't get up, framed and negative space.

1. Hit the wrong alarm button and sleep in by accident.

2. The framer hasn't had a chance to use this frame yet ('It's fascinating. It looks like it's been charred') and would like to very much. But we agree with regret that the one of black and coppery sepia goes better.

3. We learn about the places in a picture where things are not. We are asked to draw the bits that aren't chair, and a light clicks on in my head. Drawing a chair that shoots off in all dimensions -- difficult. Copying flat triangles and parallelograms, then (eventually) filling in the bits of chair -- do-able.


  1. Negative space, was the the most useful drawing lesson, I ever had.

  2. Late for work? I would much rather sleep in.

  3. #3 - I think there's a lot to learn from this - that extends beyond drawing. Looking around something shows you far more than looking directly at something. I always think shadows show you more of the true nature of the object they are cast by.


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