Saturday, May 02, 2009

The little garden, a cutting and priests.

We've got a venue, and a promise of cake, for the 3BT fifth birthday event here in Tunbridge Wells on Monday 18 May -- please drop me an email if you'd like to come and I will fill you in:

1. Inspecting the plants on the window ledges -- I like to see how my seedlings have changed each day.

2. Our conversation stops short at the sight of a flowering tree we don't recognise. The leaves and look like a cherry, but the flowers hang in small loose cones, like a miniature lilac. I take a cutting in the hopes of having one of my own.

3. I like watching Father Ted because it makes both of us laugh.


  1. I wonder if the shrub in question is Pieris. In addition to the white flowers it often has sprays of red bracts.

  2. I've had a look, and I don't think it is. It has quite a heavy smell, too. The flowers are like wild cherry flowers, but tiny and arranged in cones.

  3. Wish I lived in London. I would love to be there to celebrate with you! Your Three Beautiful Things has really helped me get through some difficult times lately, and I have been practicing... I try to find 3BT for my blog posts on a regular basis. Thank you, Clare!

  4. Community,Clare and cake - three beautiful things! Wish I could come.


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