Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm really hoping no-one noticed the paid-for text link to a printing service that I put on the sidebar on Tuesday and took down yesterday. It turns out that it was connected to a scam involving free business cards.

If you ordered anything from the site concerned, go to
Hubbers' blogpost for more information on what the scam is all about, and what you need to do.

I dropped the ball on this one, for which I apologise. I feel terrible, particularly because I would normally do a thorough check before agreeing to such a link. A quick Google search would have told me all I needed to know. The company often sends leaflets in Amazon parcels, so I guess I let that familiarity cloud my judgement. Also, with redundancy hanging over my head, I was a bit too eager to snap up the payment they offered.

Once again, I am very sorry, particularly to anyone who has been inconvenienced. I will be more careful about who I choose to work with in future.

1. Wet day. Someone has rubbed the town's pencil lines with their thumb until the background has disappeared and the foreground is more of a suggestion than actual houses, buses and people.

2. Glass green lettuce in a blue-and-white bowl.

3. I have been looking forward to the Ted Chiang story (72 Letters) in Steampunk, a wonderful Vandermeer anthology. I love Chiang's thoughtful, beautiful stories. I find myself turning them over and over long after I've finished reading. He works very slowly and meticulously -- his body of work is tiny -- and it shows in the polished finish and the way the complex concepts have space to work their way into the reader's mind.


  1. I was interested in your comments about a 'scam' because I have bought from that company in the past without any problems. If I remember rightly there is an option on first order to opt in (or out?) of the 'loyalty' programme. But it is certainly possible to get free business cards and other purchases without getting caught up in it (though the free cards do advertise the vendor on the back). So it is just down to the customer to be more careful, I would suggest.

  2. Blog savored, daily fix weaving though tired mind, no ! settles into evocative fragments behind my eyes.
    PS how are the cartooooons adoin'.

  3. Do not beat yourself up over that, Clare. When I was unemployed last year, a number of career counselors told me about the free business cards at that place. So who knew they would do that????

  4. Actually, this post is four beautiful things ... what a great apology ... but don't beat yourself up, we all make mistakes


  5. OH, I missed the redundancy thing. Sorry, hope it does not come to pass.

  6. Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you forgive me.

    Den -- the cartoons are doing fine. I added a couple more to the pile yesterday.

    Joe -- it's pretty much inevitable: they are definitely closing the subs' desk at the start of June.

  7. #2 quite a contrasting lovely picture


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