Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ladybird, whip round and fishmonger.

My recipe is featured on Tomato Lover today.

1. A ladybird -- glossy red -- sits cool and calm in the deep green leaves of a succulent on the kitchen windowsill.

2. I like to run the vacuum cleaner around the flat and see the carpets brighten.

3. I walk down to the new fishmongers in town because I fancy a fried fillet of sole for supper. They have a crate of marsh samphire -- which looks very much like little caterpillars to me, but makes an intersting pre-dinner snack. The sole was delicious, too -- crispy on the outside and lemony creamy in the middle.


  1. I like the beautiful 3BT spin you put on the recipe. :)

    (And what happened to the color on your blog? I noticed this yesterday and thought it temporary. No more green and blue background - it is all white now.)

  2. Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment.

    I've changed the layout a bit to make it look a little less cluttered now that I'm displaying ads.

    I might change it again in the next few days, depending on how I feel about it, but the ads make it quite hard to use a coloured background, and I do quite like this simple layout.

  3. What is a "marsh samphire" Claire. I've not heard this name here in Canada.

  4. Needles -- try Wild Food Guide's page about samphire.

    It's quite common to see it for sale in up-market fishmongers at this time of year. I love it, and always make a point of buying it if I see it.


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