Friday, September 25, 2009

Silver grey, Miss Marple and Squash.

Nick has just pointed out that it hasn't been possible to post comments for a few days. I was starting to wonder where you'd all gone! Comments are now working again: sorry about that.

1. Walking in the woods on a sunny morning when the grass is still silver-grey with dew.

2. I dig in for the afternoon with a recorded episode of the new Miss Marple on ITV2. It's a lavish production with lots of details to enjoy: art deco offices; a detective longing for a chocolate as the suspect pops them one by one into her perfectly lipsticked mouth; splendid winter landscapes; bright red lipsticks; a maid's bedroom decorated with film posters. It makes me feel jealous of TV writers: they are allowed to show layers and layers in a way that just isn't allowed in prose fiction.

3. I like preparing a squash because the hard peel comes off in laquered strips.


  1. Episodes of Miss Marple are my comfort blanket.

  2. Hello Clare, my name is Karen and I have changed my site address :)

  3. Thanks Karen: I've updated that now.

    Den, this new series looks as if it's going to be really good. Hope you can catch it.


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