Friday, September 04, 2009

Pricecut, brew-up and an eye.

All you Tunbridge Wellsers, there's a new website that attempts to collate the town's happenings at Tunbridge Wells Events. It's run by @daveybarnett, who I know from the Wednesday Tuttle.

1. The cost of reserving library books has gone down since I last did it from 75p to 25p.

2. Fenella brews my Earl Grey tea, and then dips the teabag into her cup for a moment: "That's as strong as I like it."

3. The lense of my glasses pops out -- again -- and I don't have my very small screwdriver with me (it's in my bag of tricks, which I've left... long and boring story). So I spend the rest of the evening in a world of haloed lights and faces which I half recognise, half don't.