Monday, September 21, 2009

Tune up, Sunday walk and icefall.

1. A spooky thing: while I'm doing my morning Facebook and Twitter catch-up one thing leads to another, and a song by my former colleague Oli Hudson - (There's not a Riot Going On Down In) Tunbridge Wells - springs to mind. I stick the video (a He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named creation) up on Facebook. A couple of hours later, Oli posts that he's come back from holiday to find he's a runner-up in the UK Songwriting Contest. You can hear more of his music at The Sixty-One.

2. On a walk round the cricket pitch, we spot two children being whirled round by their father and uncle. Then everyone is distracted by a naughty dog running on to the pitch -- I can tell it's naughty because of the way it looks about to see the confusion it has caused. The bowler gives it some fuss, and then it runs back to the boundary, careful to keep its collar just out of its owner's hands.

3. The sound of the last piece of ice falling off the freezer compartment.