Saturday, December 25, 2010

Clear the way, on the move and room at the inn.

Love this story from the BBC about a train conductor who was both compassionate and not a jobsworth.

1. The park keepers have cleared the ice from almost all the paths in The Grove and in Calverley Rec.

2. I am lying in the bath. Nick brings me a single chocolate on one of the best plates. He stays to watch Baby Badger moving my bump around.

3. Nick rings the birthing centre to check they will take me if it all kicks off on Christmas Day. The midwife tells him that she likes a Christmas Day baby: "It means more publicity for us." We can but hope.


  1. I love that you are relaxed and happy as that means the baby will be delivered in a less stressed fashion and will be a happy child..

  2. Soon,Clare, soon! Merry Christmas!

  3. Happy Christmas to all three of you!

  4. I was posting last night but lost my internet. Was going to add the bit about the train conductor. Glad you got it too. Very much a Beautiful Thing. x


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