Friday, December 10, 2010

Up next, not bored and afternoon nap.

1. At the end of the class, the yoga teacher dedicates today's work to whoever is due next. This week, it's me and Baby Badger. "But you're very welcome to come back next week if you haven't got anything better to do," she says.

2. "Are you bored yet?" asks the midwife. I have to say that I'm not -- there are always so many lovely ways to fill the time.

3. I don't wake up until Nick comes home.


  1. afternoon naps my favorite guilty pleasure as a mom.. used to detest it as a kid though.

  2. Just to let you know I made a 3BT today myself:

  3. All three are my favorites, Clare! Soon you will hold baby badger in your arms! Perhaps he will arrive on Christmas! What a gift!

  4. yay naps! Excellent idea. I plan to take a nap tomorrow as well, undoubtedly.


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