Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Untangled, advice and delivery.

1. Nick has got the tape tangled up while wrapping presents. I take it from him and make it straight again.

2. "...And a good walk home might get things moving," says the midwife. The roads are black again, and we're both wearing boots, so we take her advice.

3. At midnight, our gate clangs. "There you are," I tell Nick. "Revellers are using our recycling boxes as toboggans." He goes to look. It's Paul V dropping off a Christmas card.


  1. Got me excited for a moment when I read the title 'delivery'. Not that kind of delivery - soon, I hope.

  2. Clare, we will be rejoicing with you and Nick when Baby Badger decides to be born. Try some raspberry tea. I've heard that helps.

  3. Dear Clare,

    I am a silent follower and wish you much joy for the birth of what is looking like being your Christmas baby.

    My daughter and I have a 3BT blog but we have it password protected for various reasons.

    A wonderful extra bonus of birth... I lost 7 kilos IMMEDIATELY. All that baby, placenta, and fluid gone. One feels so free and light.

  4. looks as if the spirit is there for sure !!

  5. Thanks, everyone. Your good wishes and hopes are much appreciated!


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