Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daffs, secrets and basket.

1. The Mother says that when her bunch of daffodils have opened, Baby Badger will come.

2. Nick comes back from town with bags that I'm not allowed to look at.

3. My father brings a mysterious rustling basket with a gold and spotty ribbon wrapped around the handle -- a Christmas present from my aunt.


  1. I keep getting the feeling that Baby Badger will be born on Christmas Day :)

  2. =^..^= doing a ::HaPpY::DaNcE::
    just thinking of wee baby badger's arrival ::sigh::

    Thinking ... based on the daffodils, of which i am quite sure are keeping secrets, maybe Christmas eve, eve?

    ::wishing:: you a ::Merry::Merry:: xxo zU

  3. Dragons' eggs hatch during thunder storms. Perhaps BB will make an appearance during a snow storm. May it be soon, easy and happy.


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