Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alec do it, help and husband duties.

1. I start to set the dishwasher off but am interrupted: "Mummy me! Alec do it." He takes the dishwasher tablet from my hand and puts it in the dispenser. When I put the packet in the bin, he opens the bin, removes it and puts it in again -- in the correct manner, presumably. I have to remind him about the buttons, though, and help him with the door because he's not quite tall enough to push it shut.

2. To stick a parenting question on my Facebook status, and get a helpful avalanche of replies.

3. "One of a husband's most important duties," says Nick, "is knowing when to get a takeaway."


  1. It sounds as if both of your men are taking good care of you. Your future daughters-in-law will thank you for Alec's household skills -- that was the goal my late mother-in-law set for herself in raining three sons.

  2. *raising* not raining . . . except in that song about Raining Men . . .

  3. That's such an adorable story about Alec acting as mummy's little helper.

  4. I LOVE number three - I shall tell the husband that and perhaps stick it on the fridge :)


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