Friday, November 02, 2012

Holding hands, cleaning lady and two penguins.

1. When I thank Lawrence for being kind enough to hold Alec's hand, Susan says: "I think it makes him feel very grown-up having someone smaller to look after."

2. Kasia finishes her work and leaves. The house is quiet, clean, tidy and I feel inspired.

3. Alec says that his bath toy penguins are me and Nick. They do a lot of kissing.


  1. e dear dear comment from a child

  2. It made me smile a lot!

    Later, the penguins were Daddy and Godfather Tim going out for the day and eating sandwiches; and me and Caroline going to the Star Trek convention in Caroline's car.

    I was amazed that he has noticed so many details about what we say we have done when he's not with us.


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