Monday, November 05, 2012

Nap while your baby naps, slow down and pulp.

1. On a wet Sunday morning, to nap when Alec naps.

2. I am feeling rather impatient about it, but I get down and show Alec the cous cous I am preparing for lunch. He picks up a handful and lets the grains run out of his hands. Later when we are eating, he says: "Cous cous good. Alec look, stir it, stir it."

3. Hot bath, large book of pulpy adventure stories.


  1. cous cous good memorable for sure

  2. He is starting to talk quite a lot. Nice

  3. Joe, he never stops! He comments on EVERYTHING.

    Cous cous is one of Alec's favourites, but it's a devil to clear up afterwards -- I always have to wait until it's dried because it doesn't sweep otherwise.


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