Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Naming names, an autumn pleasure and my baby.

1. Alec has been coming out very proudly with "Alec Law" so I decide now would be a good time to teach him that this is the correct answer to "What's your name?" He gets the idea quickly, so I move on to "What's your mummy's name?" He replies: "Darlek". I am going to assume he was trying to say "Darling".*

2. To kick through bright leaves in shiny boots, and to watch a small person copying you.

3. My poor cross, tired boy. When I pick him up and hug him, he howls "Want lickle baby Alec. Lickle baby now!" He means he wants me to cradle him and tell him that he's just a tiny baby who needs some bub and a cuddle and a sleep.

*Our nursery school teacher overheard my brother having a similar conversation with some small friends. He told them confidently: "My mummy's name is Wife."


  1. Well, they could have picked up on other phrases, that one seems pretty nice.

  2. 1) maybe you should exterminate less!

  3. :-) They are like word sponges at this age. I was changing his nappy the other day and it went a bit wrong. I was horrified to hear him copying my "God oh God oh God"!

    I'll try to stop rolling around on wheels, Janey.

  4. kids are such sponges and are hilarious repeating adult comments I just love it


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