Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Crush, home from work and a little laundry.

1. I'm reading Ramona the Pest to Alec in the bath when he asks me to stop. "Mi' Binney?" Miss Binney is Ramona's kindergarten teacher. So I read the bit about pretty Miss Binney who "hadn't been a grown-up for very long" again. There's a pause, and Alec shows me a bruise on his knee. "Kiss?" So we blow kisses at it. Then, rather shyly "Mi' Binney kiss?"

2. A handsome husband (who is growing for mo'vember) with a bag from Lush.

3. Folding handkerchiefs is surprisingly satisfying.


  1. Ramona was my very favourite when I was a girl.

  2. Can we have a photo of Nick at the end of M'ovember? I wonder if he'll keep it?

  3. I came to Ramona through the 1990s TV series -- but I love the books, too.

    Lucy -- apparently it's a Tom Selleck tache... I'm trying to persuade him to take progress pictures. If he does, I'll share some.

  4. That is too cute, that first one. Once I was reading a magazine when my eldest was a toddler, and I came to a page with a pretty young blond advertising sneakers. My little guy bent over and kissed the picture! Starts early, huh?


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