Friday, February 01, 2013

Away, lunch and brownie.

Yesterday Fleur emailed me about her efforts to observe gratitude in her daily life. She has set up a Facebook page called The Good Project that is well worth a look.

1a. At 6am Nick comes and takes Alec away for some breakfast
1b. At 7.15am Nick brings a yawning Alec back for some bub and a lie down.

2. To have another mother around when I'm making lunch. She distracts the toddlers while I cook. I was so relieved when she said yes to the invitation.

3. As she bags up my piece of brownie she adds a large crumb off the knife and winks at me.


  1. Aw Clare - Thank you for the mention. You are my inspiration, you are so very eloquent with your words and observations. Have a lovely weekend, hope the weather isn't too chilly.


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