Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Waving off my husband, pink biscuits and yellow/blue.

1. To get up early -- it is noticeably lighter at 7am -- so that we can wave Nick off to work. It makes me think of a morning soon after we moved here. I went to the door, all large pregnant belly and short(ish) nightie to wave Nick off just as a load of builders piled out of a van in the carpark across the road. They sauntered lazily past and grinned at me. Nick texted later to say that he was buying me a new dressing gown. I have a pregnant belly again, but this time it's winter, I'm wearing the dressing gown (and several other layers) and I have a toddler pushing round my legs.

2. At Christmas we had, as a special treat, a packet of pink wafers.* Every time I open the biscuit tin Alec says with a lot of hope in his voice, 'Pink bic-bic?' Today the Mother brought us a bag of very posh pink wafers that actually taste of strawberries.

3. Butter yellow daffodils opening up in a blue glass vase.

* I love pink wafers out of all the sorts of biscuit there are, but this Christmas packet, a supermarket own-brand, was very disappointing. Not enough filling, I think, and far too much dust.


  1. I love that first one, can just picture it. I am one of those women who loved being pregnant. Congrats on expecting your second little one!

  2. I loved number one and I two loved being pregnant (three times) and I love being a mother and a wife (that last bit can get forgotten about or underrated!)

  3. I love being pregnant, too. This is the last time though, so I'm savouring it.

    So true about the wifeing being forgotten and underrated. I think the idea of being 'a good wife' is sadly unfashionable these days.

  4. Pink biscuits that taste of strawberries, with cold milk. (or hot tea on a cold day) mmm

    1. Oh that would be a good mixture, Joe.


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