Friday, February 22, 2013

Late morning, taking it off and second supper.

1. To lie in bed late with a giggly, cuddly boy who isn't quite ready for nappy change and breakfast.

2. "I'll just take some of the weight off," says the hairdresser pulling out her strange razor comb scissor thing. I'm astonished at the great clumps of hair that she takes off -- and at the transformation. My whole head feels lighter.

3. I've been vaguely hungry all day -- thank goodness for second supper. I have a chicken sandwich, and an orange. And some fudge. And then a bit more fudge.


  1. today your post has such a lovely tone...very nice indeed

  2. And a bit more fudge. (yum) Save some for Alex.

    1. We polished it off, I'm afraid. Alec did get some earlier, though. Have to be a bit careful because sweeties make him very excitable (tonight he's fizzing because he had ho' chocla' and cakey at tea).


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