Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hilltop, do it himself and sneaking away.

1. To reach the top of Calverley Grounds and look out across the border to Sussex. The view, because it includes so much sky, is different every time. Today sunlight is falling in rays on to the ridges, which look like layers of blue and grey tissue paper.

2. When I go to lift Alec into the pushchair he stops me and asks to climb in by himself.

3. I'm really enjoying -- as in I keep sneaking off to read it -- a book of short stories, Very Best of Charles De Lint. The stories combine a north American urban setting with British rural mythologies as well as few homegrown legends and they are peopled by a quirky cast of characters


  1. Thanks, I've just ordered it from Amazon, I was looking for something different to read.

  2. Thanks too for the review, think I'll get one.

  3. Wow, hope you enjoy it -- Janey, I'm working through your Liverpuddlian poets, got to Roger McGough. I'm surprised at how many I know.

    Joe -- I didn't know you liked this sort of thing! Let me know how you get on, and I'd be glad to have from you any recommendations of similar books. He makes me think a bit of Avram Davidson (there is one particular story about runaway bicycles...)

    1. Great,I think McGough's "Why Patriots..." is up there with the best. Reminds me of "Dulce Et Decorum Est". Alec might like Patten & McGough's anthology "Jelly Pie".
      Maybe you could be a remote member of our new book-club. Under Milk Wood next week.


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