Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby talk, degrees of separation and moves.

1. Ellie sitting in the washing basket laughing at her rattle appearing and disappearing. And also laughing when we were pretending to be Godzilla and Mothra smashing a Manhatten made of wooden blocks. And Cat reading a story about mouse and giraffe who are in love. And Ellie conducting for her father while he played the piano.

2. Cat's mother mentioned me and Sgt Dub in a talk at her Unitarian church this Sunday. She used us as an example of how people can lead very different lives in far flung parts of the world yet still affect each other.

3. A salsa class that gave me tonnes more confidence.


  1. Clare,

    I am a friend of Susana's and I love your blog. It is really great. I got the idea to make lists of things on my blog as well from Susana. I write about things that make me happy, sad, proud, etc. And people have told me they like to read that as much as anything else.

    thanks for good writing,

  2. Clare,
    thank you so much for the email. I wrote about this today in my blog, please check it out, and have a wonderful day.

  3. Clare: welcome to the world of the preacher's family! ... not that i ever minded too much being used as sermon illustrations, but you do learn quickly that the highlight and fumble reels of your life are fair game for public consumption. much, i assume, like being the family of a popular columnist.

    i think it's wonderful though. both that you make these connections, but more so that other people are so moved by them that they feel compelled to share the divine beauty of your life.


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