Tuesday, February 13, 2007

He's here, celebrate and syrup sponge.

Hi to all Tim Kevan's legal newsletter people. Hope some of you stick around to read on.

1. My father calling me to say that my brother Robert just happens to be home and is coming out to dinner with us tonight.

2. Coming home to a housemate who has bought me a bottle of Champagne to celebrate 3BT's 100,000th hit. I made her take this photo of me so everyone could see how pleased I was.

3. Spooning hot syrup over my treacle pudding with vanilla icecream.

PS: Forgot a beautiful thing from yesterday:

-- A friend hears about 3BT for the first time and looks a bit puzzled, and then says: 'Would Madeline (her toddler) saving a worm that was going to be trodden on be a beautiful thing?'


  1. Congratulations on your hit and post celebrations!

    I forgot to post my favourite beautiful thing - the one about dim sum. It's lovely to know of someone else who enjoys the neat parcels of food all beautifully arrange in the steaming baskets! I think you posted it just after I'd come back from Hong Kong too... making it all the more special.

    Hope you had a lovely meal and enjoyed the bubbly!

  2. I love this site and shall be reading it frequently. It reminds us all to take pleasure in the small things of life... which are the things life is made of. Thanks so much. Great work. Michelle

  3. is that you or your housemate?

  4. Good question Shazee -- it's me, and I've amended the post so it explains a bit better.

    Jen -- this post about the dumplings?

  5. champagne is a great way to celebrate! congratulations again on the milestone.

  6. Contgrats again on all the hits! (I think you enjoy it) And with these two pictures I finally see what you are like - your old small photo and now the drawing don't quite show so much.

  7. This is a wondeful blog site which reminds me of my gratitude journal that I use to keep till it turned into I am grateful BUT journal....
    Well done and keep up the good work.

  8. Congrats on the 100,000 hits!
    Best, d.

  9. Love the one about the worm!

  10. loved the one about the worm

  11. 100,000th? WOW! Congrats claire!!
    love,love,love ya!


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