Thursday, February 15, 2007

Office hours, lamb bone and talk.

1. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named's new PG chimp. It is knitted in grey-green cotton and stuffed with beans. Being quite weighty, it adds a frisson of danger to the whale game (an office amusement in which soft toys are thrown into the ceiling fan causing howls of laugher when they fly off in unpredictable directions. Further points are awarded if the boss comes in).

2. The sound of lamb stock boiling on the stove.

3. The sound of Katie and Lou chatting in the living room.


  1. To Do List:
    1. Install ceiling fan in office
    2. Borrow someone's beanie babies

  2. Do you give extra points if the boss gets hit by the flying whatever?

  3. Now I know why my office is centrally air-conditioned! Damn!

  4. As a representative in good standing of The League Against Monkey Persecution, I may have to report you ...


  5. I want to work in your office. I've got a shop dog who I'd like to throw into a high speed fan at times.

  6. I saw those monkeys in Morrisons with the teabags. But they aren't doing them with the decaf teabags, the meanies!!


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