Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I can't hear you, chores and lovely Richard.

We are approaching a milestone. It looks as if Sunday will be my 1,000 post day. Co-incidentally, I'm expecting the hit counter to click over to 100,000 next week. I'm thinking of a few ways to celebrate -- possibly my nine bestest beautiful things of all time. But do you recall any beautiful thing that struck you as particularly memorable? (even if it is for all the wrong reasons).

1. Spending the day refusing to answer the phone because I had proof-reading to do. I plugged my ears with some hot salsa tunes, which effectively blocked the piteous cries of the untechnically supported.

2. Coming home from script writing to find the washing up done and my wet clothes hung out to dry.

3. Hearing Katie whooping next door as her North and South DVD ends -- I'm guessing Richard Armitage has wandered on screen looking Victorian.


  1. I read about your site in Saga whilst at my mum's. It's great to find you. My blog was launched only a week or so ago with similar intentions. It's up and down, and a tad melancholy at times, and I can't post every day due to illness, but congratulations on really achieving your goal. It seems you have touched a lot of lives. I will list you when I next post and if you like my site then please feel free to reciprocate.

  2. Hi Clare, the counter is moving towards 100000 I see! Congrats in advance.

    Lots and lots of writign and reading at work for me as well, so no answering phones on this end too! Yet, have spent the last 3 days looking at the phone almost every damn 10 minutes (but no luck so far, and now its too late). Yup, been one of those days...

    Neeways, wishing you a good second half of the week. Cheers.

  3. I always love the BT's you've secretly observed in other's lives, that aren't explained but just seen--the child playing in the garden, or someone through the window..and also, your observations of nature.

  4. 1) Stumbling across Clare's Blog one day several months ago.
    2) Returning to Clare's site whenever I needed to be reminded that life was not only tedious, but beautiful.
    3)Pretending that Clare is a friend of mine.


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