Friday, February 23, 2007

Birds in the rain, stand up and sea dogs.

1. When rain drops make rings on puddles, and water is pattering off the eaves, hearing birds singing.

2. Went to see the Bootleg Beatles. Being Tunbridge Wells, it took a long time for the audience to join in. The first lone lady in standing up in the middle of the stalls dancing is a beautiful thing.

3. My copy of Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor has arrived. I like the ship's cook with a cork for a nose, and Timothy Twitch, who 'was the most elegant in battle, his left hand especially.' It's another Mervyn Peake book -- this time his own words as well as the pictures.


  1. I am usually that first lady to get up and dance! However, I'm not in T.W. so it wasn't me this time. Clare, I hope you can pop by my blog soon as I have added a photo of me in my favourite dress. I know you enjoy a blog which features special dresses so you might like to check out mine.

  2. Check out Word Imp's frock.

    Word Imp, send the picture and a few lines about it to Erin at Dress a Day -- I'm sure she'd be interested.

  3. Today is Christmas bonus bonus day, we have hadf ish and chips at our desks. I've chased mine down with a cup of Earl Grey.

  4. 1) being inside in the warm and watching hailstones bouncing off the lawn...
    2) opening a fresh box of tea...
    3) seeing the robin collecting twigs for a nest.

    Just popped by to say hullo!!


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