Monday, February 12, 2007

Successful shopping, roasties and salsaros

1. Running into three lots of people that I know on an expedition into town.

2. Shaking up parboiled potatoes in the pan to make them fluffy for roasting.

3. Men who are brave enough to join a salsa class, especially those who become confident enough to lead well.


  1. I read that thing on your stuff in the Courier and saw that pic of your head and I reckon you got a well nice hair.


  2. your face is an odd shape but i like it

  3. I came across your site after Daniel Barnett's newsletter mentioned you. You are so right - it's the small things that remind us what matters.

    My 3 beautiful things from this weekend are:
    - the first snowdrops pushing through and flowering in my garden,
    - watching the birds feed on peanuts in my garden - a woodpecker, then a nuthatch, and then 9 long-tailed tits descending and feeding all at once,
    - hearing the rain on the windows when I'm cosy and warm inside.

    Thank you for your blog. It's good to be reminded of some of the simple pleasures in life.

  4. Bit about men joining salsa class..... I did a year or so ago, but stopped (working away etc..) it never once occured to me that women there might have thought of me as "brave"? Even though they were always made me feel welcome. Thanks for the new perspective....
    I'll think I'll be trying Salsa again.......
    Steve x

  5. Steve -- I reckon men who go to dance classes are brave because they have to learn to lead, which is a bit more difficult than the woman's task of relaxing and doing what she is told :-)


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