Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bevvies, tea for me and channel hopping.

1. After a week away, a mug of brewed coffee brought to my desk. Even better is the redbush-with-no-milk that Ellie puts down later in the morning, saying: 'I've found your mug.'

2. Katie is away so I drink a pot of that lapsang souchong tea that she hates so much.

3. I spend a happy evening channel-hopping with our new Sky box. Chariot racing in Welsh! America's most haunted rednecks! Veronese jewellery! Only Jesus can save you from the fires of hell-ah!


  1. Hello popped in to say i have nominated you for an award:

    http://sidmouth-town.blogspot.com/2007/08/inspirational-blogger-award.html -

    I've incorporated your idea of BT's on my Carers blog at
    I hope you would like to collect it and pass it on in time.
    Best wishes.

  2. You've caved to the evil lure of Sky TV's multichannels of pleasure!You'll never see daylight again ... bwahahaha!

  3. 4. Dinner is double booked so we are moved to another restaurant. This one has views over the golf course and we watch players coming in to the 18th, with Welsh hills in the background, as the sun goes down.

  4. i love lapsang souchong. i'll have another pot with you when katie isn't looking. i hope you don't mind splitting it with an under-refined yankee palate!


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