Thursday, August 09, 2007

Morning after, book buyer and beans.

1. After a rough night spent curled round a hot water bottle, I wake to no period pains, glorious sunshine and more kisses than I know what to do with.

2. Seeing someone coming out of a secondhand bookshop with a full plastic bag; and having a few moments to run my eye over the line of 50p books outside.

3. The sweetness of our very own runner beans.


  1. Claire, I discovered through the internet the cure to menstrual cramp. Lots and lots and lots of water. Drink it down and you won't have cramps anymore.

  2. I hear the crisp snap of those beans yum

  3. What is is about secondhand bookstores that is so very . . . satisfying? Is it the smell? The power of knowing that many of these books has already been read? Is it that quasi connection with the former owner? Sigh. Delicious.


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