Monday, August 20, 2007

Wheels, two roses and teapot.

1. I am the only person on the bus. A taxi for this same journey would have been about £50, not £3.40; there'd have been less leg room; I wouldn't have been high enough to see into people's gardens; and I would have had to chat to the driver.

2. Rosey's birthday was at the end of June, and I have been waiting weeks to see her so I could give her the present I was so proud of -- I commissioned illustrator Rosie Brooks to do a little cartoon of us in Africa.

3. They bring Nick's tea in a heavy black cast iron tetsubin, which he seems to like very much. It has pleasing nubbles on its flanks, and its weight makes is good to hold.


  1. Hello Clare, am also a blogger of beautiful things. I thought you might like this Simon Armitage quote:"Beauty can be found in the banal. Beauty can be found in the mundane. Beauty is found in the smallest detail."

    Hope you like the bits and bobs on my blog too:

    Best fishes,

    Mr Tom

  2. Reading about your adventures made me laugh =)=)


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